About the city of Sofia


Sofia boasts a very convenient public transportation system, which includes an underground metro system, an extensive trolley, tram and bus system. Metro tickets can be purchased at any station, as well as day passes. For the above ground transit system, you may purchase tickets at one of the many newsstands located close to the hop on stops, once again either individual tickets, or day passes, which you may use for any of the types of transportation. Please note, that once you board your transportation of choice, you must stamp your ticket at one of the many slots throughout the vehicle to avoid a potential fine. This however is not necessary for the underground metro. Please bear in mind to not purchase return tickets for the underground metro, as they expire after a certain amount of time.

Taxi cabs are also a very convenient way of getting around town, and there is an ample supply of them any time of day.

The best way to get to Grand Hotel Sofia, the conference venue, is by taxi, which are readily available at the Sofia Airport (OK taxi). Taxi to the hotel or in principle to the city center should cost less than 10 Euros.

Metro is also available, but the closest station, Serdika, requires an approximately five to ten minute walk. Of course you can always opt to take a taxi from the metro station to the hotel.

If you choose to stay in the vicinity of the National Palace of Culture and Boulevard Vitosha, there is a metro station located directly in between, which bears the name of the National Palace of Culture, labeled NDK Station. You may conveniently reach it by taking the Red Metro Line, M1, from the Sofia Airport, and transferring at Serdika Station for one quick stop to the Blue Metro Line, M2, to NDK Station.

Attached is a map of the underground Metro System.