Accepted Oral Papers

Initial List of Oral Presentations
(listed in no particular order)
Paper # Abstract Title*
OP01 Improving the Process for Distribution Network Optimization in Medium Voltage Level (33/11) kV by Developing short term load Forecast
OP02 Digitalization of Power Distribution Substations
OP03 IEC 61850, get out of the substation! Experiences from a DSO perspective.
OP04 New Methods for testing Automation and Control
OP05 Time Sync Resiliency Approaches for a resilient time synchronization environment in IEC 61850 substations
OP07 A Case Study: Dubai Electricity & Water Authority Substation Modernization Using IEC 61850 Edition 2
OP08 Considerations and Benefits of Using Five Zones for Distance Protection
OP09 Locating Faults Before the Breaker Opens – Adaptive Autoreclosing Based on the Location of the Fault
OP10 Keeps Calm during Transients – Stabilizer for Distance Protection with Capacitive Voltage Transformers
OP11 Proposal for a Working Procedure to accurately exchange existing and new calculated Protection Settings between a TSO and Consulting companies
OP12 Managing the transition to Digital Substations
OP13 Application Ultra High Voltage Protection Schemes to Korea Power System
OP14 Reduction of Commutation Failures Caused by AC faults in HVDC Transmission systems
OP15 Cybersecurity Detection and Protection Mechanisms for Distributed Communication Systems in IEC 61850 Power Substations
OP16 Time Sensitive Networking IEEE802.1 applied to Process Bus implementation in IEC61850 Digital Substations
OP17 Preparing for the IEC 61850 Amendment
OP18 Centralized busbar protection in digital substations
OP19 Performance of IEDs and Substation Automation System in IEC 61850 Based Substations
OP20 New Possibilities for Testing Superimposed Quantities and Traveling-Wave based Protection
OP21 Experience using multifunctional Protection and Control IEDs in a R&D Digital substation
OP22 Decentralized Busbar Redundancy Communication
OP24 How do technologies work together? Integrating Optical CT and Merging Units with conventional CT on a single bay for protection and WAMS
OP25 Design and Control of a Microgrid System using Differential Evolution Algorithm and Neural Network Methods
OP26 Practical Installation Benefits of Digital Instrument Transformers
OP27 Testing and Commissioning Numerical Transformer Differential Protection
OP28 Advanced Method for Fault Detection and Faulty Phase Identification
OP29 Protection Selectivity with GOOSE messages in high-speed electric train networks.
OP30 The Industrial Internet (IIoT) in the Management & Optimization of the Electrical Grid
OP31 Exposing available distance relay operations near high wind penetration
OP32 The concept of a new of wide area distance protection – virtual tests using RelaySimTest
OP33 Model-based Engineering and Validation Support for Cyber-Physical Energy Systems
OP34 Testing of Switchgear Operation in an IEC 61850 based SAS using a Real-Time Simulator
OP35 Novel Dynamic Rating System for Increasing Transformer Capability
OP36 A Novel Selective Ground Fault Protection for Unearthed Networks with Low Earth Fault Current
OP37 Integrating connected homes to SmartGrid – Opportunities and challenges
OP38 An evaluation of distance protection responses in AC power system with converter-interface.
OP39 Development of Substation Automation Systems for the exploitation of ancillary services provided by RES power plants
OP40 Self-recovery mechanisms for IEC 61850 substations with process bus
OP41 Regression Test Approach for Maintenance Testing – a secure Method to prevent Maloperation
OP42 Security requirements for EPU remote services
OP43 Protection Solutions for Sub Synchronous Oscillation (SSO) Conditions Using a Microprocessor Based Protection Relay
OP44 Adaptive coordination of overcurrent protections in a wide area protection systems using IEC 61850
OP46 Application of Digital Technology in Primary Distribution Substations
OP47 Practical Experience and Challenges of Introducing Modern Fast Operating IED’s and Circuit Breakers into Legacy EHV Feeder Protection Schemes
OP48 Implementation of an Intelligent Protection Asset Management Tool
OP49 Integrated IED Asset management, Risk management and Maintenance Strategies – current situation and future hopes
OP50 Performance Testing of Distance Protection under Weak In-feed Sources based on IEC 61850 tools
OP52 Perspectives of the Smart Measuring Unit in the Substation Automation Systems – Now and in the Future
OP53 Options to implement PMU measurements in Kosovo
OP54 Intelligent Merging Unit
OP55 Impact of the implementation of photovoltaic panels at Cayo Santa Maria isolated system
OP56 Automated System interlock testing in Substation
OP57 A Directional Ground Overcurrent Relay Having a Voltage-Restrained Element for a Three-Winding Transformer Backup Protection
OP58 Oncor’s Continued Road of Analytics
OP59 Selective autoreclosure for mixed high and extra high voltage overhead-cable lines

* Paper name may change by final submission – And final list of papers may be adjusted for changes in author schedules.