Gala dinner

The Gala Dinner will be held on 27 June 2018 in the Central Military Club’s most famed and impressive ballroom, the Concert Hall. While enjoying your dinner, you will be delighted by traditional Bulgarian folk music and dance. The winners of the PACWorld conference will also be announced during the evening’s festivities.
The Central Military Club in Sofia is highly famed as one of the masterpieces of Bulgarian early 20th-century architecture. It is also one of the first extravagant buildings erected after the re-establishment of the Bulgarian Nation, five centuries after occupation by the Ottoman Empire.
A stone from the battlefield at Slivnitsa from the Serbo-Bulgarian War (1885-1886) was laid in the foundation in 1895. It was designed by Czech architect Antonín Kolář in a Neo-Renaissance style and completed by Bulgarian architect Nikola Lazarov in 1907.
The lot and funding were provided by the Sofia Officers’ Assembly, which is why the building was initially known as the Officer’s Club. The Club’s enchanting halls were used for receptions, festivities, balls and a variety of events for the military elite, and the Capital’s upper class.

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