Presentation Schedule

Tuesday Morning
TUM01 Fitness: GB’s Pilot Multi-Vendor Digital Substation – Commissioning and Site Trial Experience (Wishaw, Scotland) P. Mohapatra, C. Patterson, SP Energy Networks, UK; C. Popescu-Cirstucescu, Daniel JV, ABB Ltd, UK; P. Newman, P. Balasubramani, GE Grid Solutions, UK; M. Wehinger, A. Abdulla, OMICRON electronics, UK
TUM02 Verification of an IEC61850 based Selective Tripping Scheme Utilizing System Based Testing S. Harrison, Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks, UK; C. Pritchard, OMICRON Electronics GmbH, Austria
TUM03 IEC 61850: Believe or Don´t Believe in Testing. That Is The Question! J. Cardenas, GE Grid Automation, Spain; R. Løken, Statnett, Norway; J. Rodriguez, GE Grid Automation, Spain; D. Arribas, D. Ruiz Ayala, J. Martin, Red Electrica de España, Spain; J. Antonio Mendez, GE Grid Automation, Canada
TUM04 Wind Blows Out 138 kV Multi-Phase Fault Arc C. Henville, Henville Consulting Inc., Canada
TUM05 Implementation of a Wide Area Monitoring
System for the Indian Power System
M. Hepworth, D. Wilson, G. Lloyd, GE, UK
TUM06 Cost and Performance Comparison of Numerous in Service Process Bus Merging Unit Solutions Based on IEC 61850 D. Dolezilek, P. Lima, G. Rocha, A. Rufino, and W. Fernandes, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, USA
TUM07 The Effects of Harmonics on Wind Turbine Transformers C. Nugent, B. Diggin, T. Noonan, ESB, Ireland
TUM08 Practical Aspects of Testing Low-Power Instrument Transformers with IEC 61850 Interfaces B. Baum, M. Achterkamp, KEMA B.V., The Netherlands; R. Schimmel, DNV GL, The Netherlands
TUM09 IP Based Wide Area Network Protection Schemes G. F. Titos, Belden, Spain
TUM10 Analysis of the Performance of a Hydraulic Generator using Synchrophasors for Faults and Switching in the Brazilian Interconnected Power System G. F. Krefta, COPEL GT, Brazil; C. E. F. Pimentel, GE Grid Solutions, Brazil
Tuesday Afternoon
TUA01 Study of P Class Phasor Measurements during Fault Conditions and Impact on Analysis Applications A. Madhyastha, AMETEK Power Instruments, India
TUA02 Power Quality Instrument Testing Made Easy L. Dieterich, OMICRON electronics GmbH & University of Stuttgart, Austria; C. Mempel, OMICRON electronics GmbH, Austria; A. Eisenmann, University of Stuttgart, Austria
TUA03 Application of a Simulation-based Protection Operation Audit for Identifying Prospective Weak Points in a Protection Scheme D.Gmeiner, M.Castillo, DIgSILENT GmbH, Germany; S. Premrudeepreechacharn, Chiang Mai University, Thailand; N. Tantichayakorn, Provincial Electricity Authority, Thailand
TUA04 Using Cloud-Based Data Processing for Grid Analysis V. Bagge, Dlaboratory Sweden AB, Sweden
TUA05 Commissioning a Sub-Harmonic Protection IED Using Advanced Testing Tools E. Carvalheira, OMICRON electronics, USA; R. Midence, A. Oliveira, N. Perera, ERLPhase, Canada; K. Donaldson, OMICRON electronics, Canada
TUA06 Key features for Interconnection of Renewable Energy Resources in the Electric Power System J.M. Gers, GERS-USA, USA; C. Viggiano, GERS S.A, Colombia
TUA07 Future of Protection Relays S. Joshi, ABB India Ltd, India
TUA08 * Update on developments in IEC 61850 C. Brunner, it4power, Switzerland
TUA09 Case Study: Automating Collection of Distributed Fault Files Improving Reliability and Efficiencies Fahid K.A., Kalkitech, India; S. T. Jose, ASE / Kalkitech, USA
TUA10 Preventive Maintenance of EHV Transmission Lines based on Accurate Fault Location using Traveling Waves S. Makwana, G. Lloyd, S. Sukumaran, A. Pires, GE Grid solutions, UK & India; A. Sensarma, R. P. S. Rana, B. B. Singh, POWERGRID, India.
TUA11 Field Testing and Commissioning of IEC 61850 Based Substation Automation Systems in Thailand A. Rajakrom, T. Chandarasupsang, A. Thananchana, N. Chakpitak, Chiang Mai University, Thailand
TUA12 Automatic Protection Performance Analysis Using Disturbance Recordings L. Philippot, M. Koulischer, F. Mariton, NetCeler, France
Wednesday Morning
WEM01 Digitalization of the Energy Sector: Innovative Approach to Reduce the Risks of Cyber Security R. Clementi, A. Di Vittorio, F. Pasut, S.T.E. Energy S.p.A., Italy; A. Varriale, G. Somma, Blu5 Labs Ltd, Malta
WEM02 Testing Busbar Protection (BBP) Systems Using Process Bus Technology C.-P. Teoh, GE Grid Solutions, UK; R. Hunt, GE Grid Solutions, USA: C. Pritchard, OMICRON electronics, Austria
WEM03 Oncor’s Enhancement of Distribution Operations Through Integrated Systems and Analytics M. Carpenter, Oncor Electric Delivery, USA
WEM04 New Approach for Detecting Cyber Intrusions in IEC 61850 Substations A. Klien, OMICRON electronics GmbH, Austria
WEM05 Case Study for the Way to Replace PACS of a New Process-Bus System from an Existence System H. Matsumoto, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Japan
WEM06 SPACS Process Information Standardization and Specification Application Development I. Strnad, Pro Integris, Croatia; A. Kekelj, K. Žubrinić-Kostović, Croatian Transmission System Operator, Croatia
WEM07 Analogue Acquisition Chain for Bay Level IEDs with Real-time Merging Unit Redundancy Capabilities in Digital Substation Automation Systems J. Peres, N. Rodrigues, R. Dias Jorge, R. Dias Paulo, Efacec, Portugal
WEM08 Analysis and Evaluation of Intersystem Fault in a Hybrid AC/DC Power System and its Impact on the Protection System M.M. Saha, ABB AB, Sweden; H .K. Hoidalen, NTNU, Norway; R. E. Torres Olguin, SINTEF Energy Reserach, Norway
WEM09 Unified IED modelling using IEC 61850 Flexible Product Naming C. Bennauer, Schneider Electric GmbH, Germany; D. Parnaland, Schneider Electric Industries SAS, France; M. Haecker, Schneider Electric GmbH, Germany
WEM10 Seamless Communication for Distributed Busbar Protection – Challenges, Solutions and Opportunities V. Gsaenger, R Goblirsch, Siemens AG, Germany
WEM11 Earthfault Distance Estimation using Travelling Waves in Compensated 20-kV-Networks G. Druml, A. Aichhorn, Sprecher Automation GmbH, Austria; O. Skrbinjek, W. Hipp, Energie Steiermark GmbH, Austria; U. Schmidt, University Zittau, Germany; P. Schegner, Technical University Dresden, Germany
WEM12 Impedance-Based Fault Locating for Radial Medium-Voltage Feeders with High Share of Distributed Generation B. Braun, L. Döring, B. Niersbach, J. Hanson, Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany
Wednesday Afternoon
WEA01 Modifications of Earth Fault Zero-Sequence Power Protections for MV Networks P. Olszowiec, Erea Ltd., Poland
WEA02 Autosynchronization System Optimization Using IEC 61850 Based Protection Relays O. Rintamäki, J. Starck, K. Kulkarni, ABB, Finland
WEA03 A New Platform for Validating Real-Time, Large-Scale WAMPAC Systems S. Blair, N. Matheson, R. Munro, C. Booth, University of Strathclyde, UK
WEA04 Application of the IEC 62559 Use Case Methodology for the Elicitation of Distribution Digital Substation Communication Requirements I. Abdulhadi, K. Ghanem, I. Rohouma, F. Coffele, Power Networks Demonstration Centre – University of Strathclyde, UK
WEA05 IEC 60255-187-1 – The Future Performance-Indicator for Differential Protection Devices J. Baumeister, F. Fischer, M. Albert, OMICRON electronics GmbH, Germany; B. Bastigkeit, OMICRON electronics GmbH, Austria
WEA06 Impacts of the Transformations at the Grid Edge M. Lacroix, eMcREY, Canada; R. Abdullah, Hydro Ottawa Limited, Canada
Thursday Morning
THM01 Investigation into the Security of Network Components J. Allcock, Energy Innovators Ltd, United Kingdom
THM02 Evolution of Measurement Transformers and Impact on Power System Simulation D. Gueret, Doble Engineering Company, France
THM03 Experiences on Testing Automation and Control A. Klien; C. Brauner; T. Schossig, OMICRON electronics GmbH, Austria
THM04 Detection of Voltage Fluctuations in Low-Voltage Power Distribution Networks with Principal Component Analysis L. Souto, F. Torrent, S. Herraiz, J. Melendez, Universitat de Girona, Spain
THM05 Standardisation Challenges for Digital Inputs and Outputs of Protection Functions in IEC 60255 Series V. Leitloff, RTE, France; H. Chen, State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Co. Ltd , China; D. Chen, SGEPRI, China; A. Bonetti, Megger Sweden AB, Sweden; L. Xu, NR Electric, China; A. Mohamed, SSE, UK; on behalf of IEC TC95 AhWG3
THM06 Improvements in Line Differential Relays R. Cimadevilla, J. García-Villalobos, ZIV, Spain
THM07 Best Practices and Challenges on Designing A LAN Communication Network for Digital Substations M. Zapella, C. Pimentel, G. Silvano, GE Grid Solutions, Brazil; R. Hunt, GE Grid Solutions, USA; A. Appukutan, GE Grid Solutions, UK
THM08 IEC 61850 meets Lightweight M2M L. C. Andersson, Ericson, Switzerland; K.-P. Brand, it4power, Switzerland
THM09 Differential Protection of Multi-Ended Transmission Circuits using Passive Distributed Current Sensors P. Orr, N. Gordon, Synaptec Ltd, UK; A. Mohamed, M. Mohemmed, Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN), UK; A. Bonetti, Megger Sweden AB, Sweden
THM10 Implementation of Centralised, Numerical Busbar Protection Using Distributed Photonic Current Sensors P. Orr, N. Gordon, L. Clayburn, Z. Ma, Synaptec Ltd, UK; Q. Hong, D. Tzelepis, University of Strathclyde, UK; N. Shabbir Hurzuk, R. Løken, Statnett SF, Norway; C. Booth, Synaptec Ltd, UK & University of Strathclyde, UK;
THM11 Identification of Post-Fault Single Phase Overload Based on Substation Information X. Dong, R. Cao, B. Wang,S. Shi, Tsinghua University, China
THM12 A RoCoF-Based Supplement to Conventional Under-Frequency Load Shedding Protection Characteristic U. Rudez, T. Dimitrovska, R. Mihalic, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Thursday Afternoon
THA01 Complete IEC 61850 Protection and Control System Cybersecurity Is So Much More Than Device Features Based on IEC 62351 and IEC 62443 D. Dolezilek, W. Fernandes, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, USA
THA02 Enhancement of Line Protection Reliability in Transmission Power System H. A. Alharthi, Y. M. Althubaity, H. B. Mashni, M. Faggal, National Grid, Saudi Arabia
THA03 Practical Testing of Power Swing Blocking on Numerical Distance Protection Relays M. Murphy, ESB Engineering & Major Projects, Ireland
THA04 Performance Analysis of Centralized Protection and Control Solution for a Distribution Substation J. Valtari, H. Niveri, ABB Oy Distribution Solutions, Finland; J. Reikko, Caruna Oy, Finland
THA05 SIARA- System Integrity and Restorative Actions: Performance Evaluation of using IEC 61850 R-GOOSE over Wide Area Network P. Mohapatra, SP Energy Networks, UK; H. Guo, PNDC, UK; G. Duncan, J. Mackenzie, SP Energy Networks, UK; P. Balasubramani, GE Grid Solutions, UK; K. Kulbhusan, A. Wilson, COMMTELNS, UK; M. Wehinger, OMICRON electronics, Austria
THA06 * Time in IEC 61850 – Why Do We Need It and What It Is A. Apostolov, PAC World, USA
Poster Presentations

To be presented Wednesday afternoon

POSTER01 Earth Fault Current Suppression by Converter Based Current Injection into the Neutral Point of MV Grid P. Dawidowski, P. Błaszczyk, P. Klimczak, P. Balcerek, ABB Corporate Research Center, Poland; J. Lorenc, B. Staszak, Poznan University of Technology, Poland
POSTER02 Solving the Nightmare of Unmanaged User Accounts in Digitalized Industrial Environments with Central Account Management According to IEC 62351-8. F. Hohlbaum, R. Deverson, ABB Power Grid, Switzerland
POSTER03 Development of Handy Tools for Power Quality Analysis A. Eisenmann, T. Streubel, K. Rudion, Institute of Power Transmission and High Voltage Technology (IEH), Germany
POSTER04 Time Sensitive Networking IEEE802.1 applied to Station & Process Bus implementation in IEC61850 Digital Substations G. F. Titos, Belden, Spain
POSTER05 Software Solution for the Protection Calculation and Documentation of the Protection Technology at Stadtwerke München (SWM) D. Bangert, D. Meister, DIgSILENT GmbH, Germany; O. Schabenberger, SWM Services GmbH, Germany
POSTER06 Results on Negative Sequence Over-Current Protection M. Akke, Dlaboratory Sweden AB, Sweden
POSTER07 Leveraging IEC 61850 for a Flexible Condition Monitoring Solution C. Silva, S. Costa, R. Ribeiro, R. Dias Jorge, Efacec, Portugal
POSTER08 DC Auxiliary Circuits: A Novel Approach to Insulation Monitoring P. Olszowiec, Erea Ltd., Poland
POSTER09 Case-Studies on Use of a DFR in an Aluminum Plant R. Midence, ERLPhase, Canada; G. Premnath, EASUN Reyrolle, India; A. Oliveira, ERLPhase, Canada
POSTER10 Do We Need to Apply Cyber Security for Distribution Networks? Investigating Challenges and Solutions E. Weerathunga,  M. Kanabar,  GE Grid Solutions, Canada; H. Bhatia, GE Grid Solutions, UK
POSTER11 Integrated Transformer Monitoring & Diagnostics Using NETXT Generation Protection Relays K. Venkataraman, M. Kanabar, H. Bhatia, GE Grid Solutions, UK
POSTER12 Renewable Integration using IEC 61850 Enabled Smart Distribution IEDs with Customizable Functions K. Venkataraman, M. Kanabar, H. Bhatia, GE Grid Solutions, UK
POSTER13 Use of IEC 61850 Test Capabilities to Implement Hot Standby Systems J. Saunier, S. Vigouroux, GE Grid Solutions, France; R. Hunt, GE Grid Solutions, USA, A. Appukuttan, GE Grid Solutions, UK
POSTER14 The Substation of the Future R. Hunt, T. Smith, B. Flynn, GE Grid Solutions, USA; C.-P. Teoh, GE Grid Solutions, UK
POSTER15 Modelling of Power System Profiles using IEC61850 S. T. Jose, ASE / Kalkitech, USA
POSTER16 Fault Current Contribution Using HVDC and HVAC Transmission Links: A Case Study A. Alzahrani, J. Alshehri, National Grid, Saudia Arabia
POSTER17 Virtualization Technologies – Pre-Requisites for Optimized Substation Automation System Architectures and Efficient Engineering Processes T. Rudolph, Schneider Electric GmbH, Germany; S. Michelin, C. Bloch, Schneider Electric Industries SAS, France; M. Häcker, Schneider Electric GmbH, Germany
POSTER19 Real-Time Rapid Simulation Calculation Method for Transient Response of DC System Based on Dynamic Phasor Method B. Wang, Z. Li, X. Dong, Tsinghua University, China; M. Xie, H. Wang, B. Yu, Anhui Electric Power Company, China
POSTER21 Advanced Capabilities of an IP-based Protection Interface A. Aichhorn, Sprecher Automation GmbH, Austria
POSTER22 Internal Failure Protection on Capacitor Banks with Y-Y Connections J. Wang, Y. Li, ABB Corporate Research, Sweden
POSTER23 Protection Monitoring System with Automated Fault and Relay Operation Analysis – Implementation Issues O. Fedorov, RTSoft GmbH, Germany; A. Rybakov, RTSoft, Russia
POSTER24 Elimination of DC and Harmonic Components to Enhance Reliability of Transformer Differential and Restricted Earth Fault Protection; I. Saputra, N. Wahyu Dhinianto, PT PLN (Persero) UIP3B Sumatera, Indonesia