Accepted Oral Papers

Initial List of Oral Presentations
(listed in no particular order)
Paper # Abstract Title*
OP01 A Review of centralized and distributed generation ring based power networks
OP02 Power System State Estimation Accuracy and Observability Evaluation with Optimal PMU Placement
OP03 Benefits of Modern Database Tools Applied to Event Record Data Extraction
OP04 Test and commissioning of a fault recording system in IEC 61850 environment
OP05 A Protection and Control Coordination Scheme for Distribution Network with Wind Power Integration
OP06 Application of Settings and Setting Groups in IEC 61850
OP07 Energy Storage Systems (ESS) to Improve Solar Power Plants and Electrical Power Grids , Overview and Detailed Comparison
OP09 Transformer Differential Protection for Converter Transformer with 24-pulse Rectifier Unit
OP10 Multifunctional Protection and Control IEDs in future transmission systems
OP11 Feeder Differential Protection in Hybrid Mode – Scheme Performance with Mix of -9-2LE Sampled Values and Analogue Inputs
OP12 FITNESS – GB’s pilot multi-vendor digital substation – Architecture and Design Philosophy
OP13 Considerations about Modelling and Implementation of IEC 61850 Functions on Substation Level
OP14 Pre-study of a software based PRP implementation for redundant IEC 61850 implementation
OP15 Digital Substation Pilot: Substation Automation and Protection System Based on IEC61850 9-2 Process Bus
OP16 Maintenance methodologies and tools for IEC 61850 substations. Simplification of the asset management
OP17 IEC 61850-9-3: Does PTP keep its promise?
OP18 IEC 61850 Aided Adaptive Protection
OP19 Generator Turn-to-Turn Fault Protection Using a Stator-Rotor-Bound Differential Element
OP20 New Time-Domain Line Protection Principles and Implementation
OP21 Remedial Action Scheme Based on Synchrophasor Measurements and System Angle Difference for Peru’s 500 kV Grid
OP22 System Integrity Protection Schemes in the 400 kV Transmission Network of Turkey
OP23 Ukraine Cyber-Induced Power Outage: Analysis and Practical Mitigation Strategies
OP24 A reassessment of node-based GOOSE communication analysis in IEC 61850 Substations
OP25 System Integrity Protection Schemes
OP26 Wide Area Protection & Control using High-Speed and Secured Routable GOOSE Mechanism
OP27 Field Testing and Commissioning of IEC 61850 Based Substation Automation Systems
OP28 Increasing the Usability & Interoperability of IEC 61850 via Basic Application Profiles: What Does Your Profile Look Like?
OP29 The technology behind IEC 61850 Edition 2 Amendment 1
OP30 Remote connection to IEDs on the Hungarian Grid: in the past, present, future – cybersecurity, functionality, data accumulation, maintenance
OP31 Data Collection – Challenges and Approaches in an Electrical Power System Study
OP32 Remote data acquisition of disturbance files
OP33 New Single-Ended Earthfault Distance Estimation for Compensated Networks
OP34 Travelling waves based Detection of Incipient Faults in Distribution Cables
OP35 Learning from GB Wide Area Monitoring and Progress Towards Operations Integration
OP36 Using an iterative approach to mimic real-time closed-loop simulation for protection testing in the field
OP37 Experiences in Commissioning and Testing of Differential Protection for Phase-Shifting Transformers
OP38 New possibilities for testing travelling wave fault location functions in the field
OP39 Project experiences from over 130+ CPC Substation Deployments
OP40 Contingency scenario study for Angle Stability considering the power equipment operating characteristics
OP41 Learning from GB Wide Area Monitoring and Progress Towards Operations Integration
OP42 Travelling Wave Fault Location Based on Pattern Recognition: Application to Complex Topologies and Field Records
OP43 Digital Substation implementation in Litgrid, Lithuania
OP44 Lessons Learned While Retrofitting Stator Ground Fault Protection in Pumped Storage Hydroelectric Power Plant
OP45 Cybersecurity For Shared Infrastructure Substation Networks With IEC 61850 GOOSE and Sampled Values
OP46 Estimation of Pole Slip Frequency in Case of Sub-cycle Protection Trip
OP47 Challenges with matching differential characteristics in setting the primary and backup transformer protection using IEDs from two different vendors.
OP48 A Comparative Study on Cost Savings Offered by Traveling Wave System Fault Locators over Traditional Distance Relays for Long Distance Transmission Lines
OP49 Analysis of 61850 based PAC in operational conditions
OP50 Optical Current measurement transmission over long distances and its application for fault discrimination in hybrid (overhead line + underground cable) transmission links.
OP51 An Overview of the IEC 61850 Routable GOOSE Profile – coming per Alex 1/16/2017
OP54 Sampled Values – History, Status, and Outlook – coming per Alex 1/16/2017
OP56 SPACS standardization, automated engineering and virtual testing

* Paper name may change by final submission – And final list of papers may be adjusted for changes in author schedules.