We do not have any hotel blocks for the conference but can provide some hotels that are in the area of the conference venue. It’s easy to move around the city as it’s quite walkable, has public transportation, and many taxis available.

Delegates are advised to book early to guarantee availability at their
preferred hotel.

Below are a list of hotels that might be helpful to you. We do not have any blocked rooms or special discounts. All have limited availability due to the summer season.

Hotels located at the main avenue ( Syngrou Ave.) from Syntagma Square to Eugenides Foundation  
Athens Marriott (4.5*)
Athenaeum Grand (4*)  
Athenaeum Smart Hotel (4*) 
Ilissos Hotel (4*)

Hotels located at the Athens Coast
Coral Hotel (4*) –
Fallireon Hotel (4*) –
Blue Sea Hotel  (4*) –  

June is considered  a peak tourist period with very limited room availability, resulting in high rated rooms. A large variety of  Studios, Apartments, Boutique hotels are available in close proximity to the Conference venue, through the different booking platforms (, Airbnb, Expedia, etc..)