Paper Presentation Schedule

Glasgow, Scotland, UK – June 27-29, 2023
Last updated: June 15th

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Keynote address:

“Role of User Functional Requirements in the Engineering Cycle of PAC Systems”
Dr. Iony Patriota de Siqueira, CIGRE Fellow, Honorary Distinguished Member and Former Chairman of Study Committee B5 – Protection and Automation

Tuesday Morning

TUM01Vulnerability Management in the Power Grid – Challenges and SolutionsA. Klien,OMICRON, Austria
TUM02Standardised Approach to Merged Process and Station Bus Network and ConfigurationC.J. Edwards, J. K. Mackenzie, C. Fundulea, SP Energy Networks, UK
TUM03Advanced Usage of Process Information for Power Utilities Asset Performance ManagementI. Strnad, I. Višić, Pro Integris, Croatia; N. Mugoša, Montenegrin Transmission System Operator – CGES
TUM04Challenges Faced in the Development of Digital SubstationsD. Binon, F. Soyez, T. Sterckx, Elia, Belgium
TUM05Dynamic Functional Tests of an Out-of-Step Protection for Synchronous GeneratorsM. Ambroggi, R. Marzani, Thytronic SPA, Italy
TUM06Centralizing Remedial Action Systems
History and Outlook
J. Greene, SISCO, Inc., USA
TUM07The Teleprotection Service on New Communication ChannelsD. G. Donate, M. S. Ranaldi, ZIV, Spain
TUM08Remote Testing Automation in a Digital SubstationI. Ferrero, i-DE, Spain; L. Guerrero, A. Alonso, System-on-Chip engineering S.L., Spain
TUM09Adoption of IEC 61850 Top-Down Engineering Practices in HVDC Control SystemE. Vundekari, M. Nandula, GE Grid Solutions, UK
TUM10First Steps with OpenSCD – an OpenSource System-ConfiguratorS. Baumgartner, C. Ruopp, TransnetBW, Germany

Tuesday Afternoon

TUA01Application of Line Differential Protection in MV Distribution LinesR. Cimadevilla, J. García-Villalobos, ZIV Automation, Spain
TUA02Selective Auto-Reclosing of Mixed Circuits using Multi-Zone Differential Protection and Distributed SensingK. Kawal, University of Strathclyde, UK; S. Blair, Synaptec, UK; Q. Hong, P. N. Papadopoulos, University of Strathclyde, UK
TUA03Keeping Power and Traffic Flowing: a Look at Modernizing the Electric System of a BridgeJ. George, Uplink Consulting Inc., Canada; R. Westphal, G&W Electric, USA
TUA04Deployment Considerations for Virtualized Protection and Control ApplicationsE. Kettunen, J. Valtari, ABB Oy, Finland; A. Sivesind, VMware, USA; D. Baradi, ABB Inc., USA
TUA05Testing in the New Digital Protection EraJ. Ruiz, Doble Engineering, USA; D. Gueret, Altanova, France;
B. Gwyn, Doble Engineering, USA
TUA06Precision Timing in the Infrastructure as a Foundation for Better PAC Systems.F. Steinhauser, OMICRON, Austria
TUA07Need for Grid-forming Units in the Distribution Grid and their Impact on Protection, Automation and ControlT. Reimann, Fraunhofer IEE, Germany; B. Oliver Winter, elenia – TU Braunschweig, Germany; W. Heckmann, Fraunhofer IEE, Germany
TUA08Power System Measurements – an Overview of Techniques & ApplicationsA. Madhyastha, AMETEK Power Instruments, India
TUA09Dependability of Transient-Based Line Protection Elements and SchemesB. Kasztenny, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Canada
TUA10DSAS Application Improvements Leveraged By Optimized Synchrophasors DeploymentJ. Peres, D. Correia, R. Jorge, Efacec, Portugal
TUA11Assessment of Low Frequency Demand Disconnection Impact On Network OperabilityB. Feizifar, I. Abdulhadi, F. Coffele, Power Networks Demonstration Centre (PNDC), University of Strathclyde, UK; C. Scoble, UK Power Networks, UK; C. Jardine, Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks, UK
TUA12Operational Experience of Adaptive Auto-Reclose in 400KV Transmission Lines in Southern Regional Grid in IndiaT Muthu Kumar, V. Ballikonda, A. Sahaya Rones V, T Srinivas, S P Kumar, Grid Controller of India Limited, India

Wednesday Morning

WEM01Distribution Management System: Moving Towards 61850 ImplementationsS. Meliopoulos, G. Cokkinides; Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
WEM02DSO’s PAC Roadmap 2023R. Troost, S. van der Heijden, Stedin, NL
WEM03Implementation and Optimization of MV Bay Monitoring  with One Box SolutionsR. Simon, Schneider Electric, Germany; P. Brun, V. Kraynov, Schneider Electric, France
WEM04Qualitrol TWS fault locator on the Hungarian GridF. Rákóczi, R. Szedlák, S. Eitzenberger, G. Zoltán, MAVIR Hungarian Independent Transmission Operator Company, Hungary
WEM05Enhancing Timekeeping in the Power Industry Through Multi-Constellation Global Navigation Satellite SystemsC. Seibel, NovaTech Automation, Germany; J. Anderson, NovaTech Automation, USA
WEM06MLOps Practice: Overcoming the Energy Efficiency Gap, Empirical Support Through ecoKI Platform in the Case of German SMEsF. Rani, V. Khaydarov, Technische Universitat Dresden, Germany; D. Bode, Bremen Institute for Production and Logistics GmbH, Germany; I. Mutlu, L. Urbas, Technische Universitat Dresden, Germany
WEM07Integration of Renewable Sources in the Electric GridJ. Gers, L. Palacios, GERS USA, USA
WEM08Solving Complex Feeder Protection Challenges and Reducing Wildfire Risks with Remote MeasurementsB. Kasztenny, SEL, Canada; S. Blair, N. Gordon, P. Orr, Synaptec, UK; C. D. Booth, University of Strathclyde, UK
WEM09Centralised Protection Based on Process BusR. Loken, N. Hurzuk, Statnett SF, Norway; C. Gebs, K.Eide Pollestad, Elvia, Norway; R. Hodnebrug, G. Nett, Norway
WEM10Protection and Control Challenges Associated with the Transformation of 3Φ Double-Circuit Lines into 6Φ High-Capacity Transmission FeedersS. Shen, B. Cao, P. Crossley, Z. Wang, University of Exeter, the UK; Xiaolin Ding, National Grid, UK
WEM11Power Plant Controller (PPC) – Application and Challenges in Cybersecurity for Italian MV-Connected UsersE. Botti, A. Borghi, Thytronic spa, Italy
WEM12Multi IEDs with GOOSE Message Coordination as High Voltage Busbar Protection SystemH. Prasetia, M., I. Firdaus, Y. Nugroho, M. M. Nurfaizi, R. M. Utami; PT PLN (Persero); Indonesia

Wednesday Afternoon

WEA01Honoring the Standards, A Digital Substation for Dummies Design JourneyG. Wilson, Southern Company, USA
WEA02A Novel Approach for Fully Automated Testing of InterlockingsB. Tahincioglu , T. Schossig – OMICRON electronics GmbH, Austria; B. Heimisson, Landsnet, Iceland
WEA03Performance Analysis on Securing Routable GOOSER. Schimmel, P. Pourebrahim, DNV, The Netherlands
WEA04Pilot Testing of an AI Algorithm To Identify Fault Category and Fault Cause From DFR RecordsF. MacLeod, Scottish Power, UK; M. Diamond, Qualitrol, UK; A. Acton, Fortive Corporation, USA; D. Cole, Qualitrol, UK
WEA05Digital Twin-Based Grid Monitoring Framework for Rural Distribution System OperatorsO. Gomis-Bellmunt, M. Cheah-Mañe, E. Prieto-Araujo, CITCEA-UPC, Spain; F. Rossi, CITCEA-UPC, Italy; Y. Castellón-Lalanza, iGrid T&D, Spain; I. Glenny-Crende, iGrid T&D and CITCEA, Argentina-Spain
WEA06Steering the Industry Towards the Implementation of a Flexible, Efficient and Standardized IEC61850 Engineering ProcessT. Sterckx, D. Binon, F. Soyez, Elia, Belgium
WEA07Anomaly Intrusion Detection System for SCADA Based Substation Network.C. Emenike, Manchester University, UK
WEA08Basic Application Profiles – What They Are and Why We Need Them?C. Brunner, it4power, Switzerland
WEA09The Application of Frequency Supervised Rocof for Loss of Mains ProtectionJ. XING, Schneider Electric, China; P. Vivers, Schneider Electric, UK
WEA10Use of Profiles and Templates to Achieve Interoperability in Protection Automation and Control SystemsM. Merley, F. Fousseret,  J.E. Lemaire, Y. Leloup, G. Duverbecq, S. Mamodaly, RTE, France
WEA11Test Bed Design To Validate a Goose Via Vxlan Based Virtualised Loss of Mains Protection SchemeD. Shaji Kumar, I. Abdulhadi, PNDC, University of Strathclyde, UK; B. Yazadzhiyan, R. Dantas, C. Scoble, UK Power Networks, UK; A. Kulmala, O. Raipala; ABB, Finland
WEA12High Impedance Fault Detection in MV Distribution NetworksR. Cimadevilla, A. Moreno, ZIV Automation, Spain

Thursday Morning

THM01A Heuristic Approach for Optimal Placement of Shunt Reactors in Transmission System of Southern Regional Grid of IndiaS. Naidu J, A.Sahay Rones V, T. M. Kumar, SP Kumar, Grid India, India
THM02Time Synchronization in the Power Industry: Exploring Signal and Protocol ConsiderationsJ. Anderson, NovaTech Automation Pennsylvania, USA; C. Seibel, NovaTech Automation Berlin, Germany
THM03Integration of Time-Critical IEC 61850 Communications in a Centralized Protection and Control Solution for Substation Automation SystemsA. C. Aleixo, Efacec, Portugal; J. P. Barraca, M. Antunes, D. Gomes,
R.Carvalho, Instituto de Telecomunicações, Portugal; J. Ventura, R. Dias Jorge, F. Gomes, L. Antunes, Efacec, Portugal
THM04Simultaneous Placement of Capacitor Banks and Dispersed Cogeneration System in Distribution System NetworksA. O. Idris Adam, AL-Ain Distribution Company,
United Arab Emirates -Abu Dhabi
THM05Case Study: Implementing a Zero-Touch Deployment Methodology Using SDN To Improve the Security, Reliability, and Engineering of Substation Automation Systems in SloveniaD. Bordon, ELES, d.o.o., Slovenia; S.Dayabhai, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc., UK; J. Dearien, R. Meine, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc., USA
THM06Comprehensive Assessment of Small Batch Advanced Metering Infrastructure Utilization On Java Region To Support Indonesian Smart Grid SystemsM. Helmi Prakoso, F. Irawan, A. Muiz Sufianto, PLN, Indonesia

Followed by the “Ask the Experts” Panel

Thursday Afternoon

THA01LPIT-Designed Protection IED TestingH.Grasset, Schneider Electric, France
THA02Consideration of Software Defined Network (SDN) deployment in Transmission substationsM. Mohemmed, A. Murray, Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN), UK; S. Dayabhai, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL), UK
THA03Success deployment of 6 digital substations in Vietnam 2020-21 – Return of experienceVan Ha Ngo, AIT Corporation, Vietnam; Thanh Tuan Bui, EGRID, Vietnam; Hung Hoang, Dang-Thoang Vo, GE Renewable Energy, Vietnam; Chin-Fei Chow, GE Renewable Energy, Singapore; Chee-Pinp Teoh, GE Renewable Energy, UK
THA04Functional Security – a New Way To Protect the GridA. Apostolov, PAC World, USA

Conference Ends at Coffee Break

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