Paper Presentation Schedule

Prague, Czech Republic, June 21-23, 2022

Tuesday Morning
TUM01Test and Integration Approach for Rte’s R#SPACE Protection Automation and Control SystemM. Merley, V. Leitloff, X. Michaut, T. Machkour, A. Padoan, D. Fontenay, S. Mamodaly, P. Perrin, Rte, France
TUM02Testing System Integrity Protection SchemesS. Subramanian, GE Grid Automation, UK; C. Aguilar, GE Grid Automation, Spain; J. Jesus, GE Grid Automation, UK
TUM03Capability Curve-Based Generator Protection Minimizes Generator Stress and Maintains Power System StabilityM. Alla, A. Guzmán, D. Finney, N. Fischer, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc., USA
TUM04Field Testing of Distributed Bus Zone Protection Schemes using a System-Based Testing ApproachL. O’Sullivan, R. Kelly, E. Cowhey, J. Finn, ESB Ireland, Ireland
TUM05Frequency Measurement and its Applications – Requirements and TestingM. Albert, R. Luxenburger, S. Eldmrdash, OMICRON electronics Deutschland GmbH, Germany
TUM06A Load Shedding Relay Model for Real-Time SimulationsD. R. Gurusinghe, S. Kariyawasam, D. S. Ouellette, RTDS Technologies Inc., Canada
TUM07Standard IEC 61850 Based Realtime DER Interface for The NetherlandsR. Troost, Stedin Netbeheer B.V., The Netherlands; B. Mulder, Tennet, The Netherlands; R. Fonteijn, A. Stuivenvolt, Enexis, The Netherlands; R. van Olst, Qirion, The Netherlands; S. van der Heijden, Stedin, The Netherlands; J. van Leeuwen, Holland Solar/NWEA, The Netherlands
TUM08Global Experience in Application of Traveling Wave Fault DetectionL. de Marchi Pintos, C. Pimentel – GE Renewable Energy, Brazil; G. Krefta – K Consulting, Brazil
TUM09Looking ahead: Responding to 2050 carbon neutralityA. West, SUBNET Solutions Pty Ltd, Australia
TUM10Cyber Security in Digital SubstationsI. Strnad, I. Višić, Pro Integris, Croatia

Tuesday Afternoon

TUA01Relay Setting Audit in the Auxiliary Electric Network of a Large-Scale Thermal Power PlantV. A. Papaspiliotopoulos, PROTASIS S.A., Greece; V. C. Nikolaidis, Democritus University of Thrace, Greece; G. N. Korres, National Technical University of Athens, Greece; V.s A. Kleftakis, PROTASIS S.A., Greece
TUA02Experience from the Pilot Project Based on IEC 61850 Process Bus in Statnett and a Norwegian Approach for the Deployment of Digital Substation.N. Hurzuk, R. Løken, Statnett SF, Norway
TUA03Impact of Renewable Energy Sources on the Protection of MV Distribution NetworksA. Castañon, R. Cimadevilla, ZIV Automation, Spain; M. Teresa Villén, E. Martínez Carrasco, CIRCE, Spain
TUA04Modeling and Challenges of Power Quality in the Context of the Full Digital SubstationsA. Oliveira Pires, GE Renewable Energy, Brazil; T. Fernandes Moraes, J. Eduardo da Rocha – CEPEL – Eletrobras, Brazil; V. Zimmer – GE Renewable Energy, Brazil; J. Jesus – GE Renewable Energy, UK
TUA05Hidden Failure and Cyber Attack Detection via Centralized Substation ProtectionS. Meliopoulos, G. Cokkinides, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
TUA06IEC 61850 System Specification based on TR 61950 6-100: A Case StudyD. Schmidt, R. Bendic, Stromnetz Hamburg, Germany; J. Reuter, Helinks LLC, Germany; C. Brunner, it4Power, Switzerland
TUA07Performance and Applications of Synchronised Waveform Data CompressionS. Blair, J. Costello, Synaptec, UK
TUA08 *Generator Protection Validation Testing Using a Real-Time Digital Simulator: Stator Winding ProtectionA. B. Dehkordi, RTDS Technologies Inc., Canada; R. Chowdhury, N. Fischer, D. Finney, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc., USA
TUA09Virtual Testing of Protection Systems using Digital Twin TechnologyS. Kuber, M. Sharma, Megger, USA; A. Bonetti, Megger, Sweden; C. Harispuru, Siemens, Germany; A. Soroush, Siemens, USA
TUA10Challenges of Wide-Area Synchronous System Operation in a Network with a Mixture of Diverse DataH. Matsumoto, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Japan
TUA11Adaptive Transmission Line Autoreclosing and the Effects on System StabilityI. Voloh, M. Kanabar, GE Grid Solutions, Canada; S. Richards, S. Swain, GE Grid Solutions, UK
TUA12Efficient Commissioning and Operation Utilizing Analogies between Electrical Drawings and SCL FilesBurak Tahincioglu, OMICRON electronics GmbH, Austria

Wednesday Morning
WEM01Hardware in the Loop Testing of a Photovoltaic Power Plant Controller and Operation According to the Latest Network Code Requirements for GeneratorsP. Katsikas , Ag. Goritsas, G. Arvanitis, V. Kleftakis, PROTASIS S.A., Greece; D. Lagos, N. Hatziargyriou, G. Korres, National Technical University of Athens, Greece
WEM02Protection Relay Testing with HIL SimulationKristóf Hackel, Áron Vékássy, Gergely Pócsi, Protecta Electronics Ltd., Hungary
WEM03Application of WAMPAC-System in Paraguay’s ANDE Power SystemJ. M. Barua Godoy, E. Rodriguez, G. Aguayo, ANDE, Paraguay; R. Almir de Oliveira, A. Pagani Tochetto, J. Pesente, A. J. Mezger Szostak, ITAIPU, Brazil; A. D. Barragan Gomez, M. J. Mier Anaya, D. R. Almeida, Siemens S.A., Colombia; A. Bachry, C. Romeis, Siemens AG, Germany
WEM04Remote Access Management for Protection RelaysA. Ravat, Oman Electricity Transmission Company (OETC), Oman
WEM05Variation of Responses to IEC 61850-9-3 Time Synchronisation Signals within a Process Bus Digital SubstationJ. K. Mackenzie, J. Solar Mulas, C. Fundulea, SP Energy Networks, UK
WEM06Lorena Digital Substation: First Fully Digital Substation of the 500/230 KV Basic Network in Brazil – Design, Architecture and TestsJ. Jesus, GE Grid Automation, UK; D. Lellys, GE Grid Automation, Brazil; F. Fontinha, ISA CTEEP, Brazil
WEM07Ensuring the Stability of the Belgian Grid With a Special Protection SystemR. Hanuise, C. Moors, Elia Engineering, Belgium; F. Calero, M. Malichkar, E. Alcázar, K. Gubba Ravikumar, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc., USA
WEM08Embracing IEC 61850 Engineering from Bottom Up to Top DownFred Steinhauser, OMICRON electronics GmbH, Austria
WEM09Advanced Phase Selection for Severe Line Protection RequirementsR. Cimadevilla, A. Castañon, ZIV Automation, Spain
WEM10Differential Protection of Multi-Ended Transmission Circuits using Passive, Time-Synchronised Distributed SensorsM. Mohemmed, Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks, UK; P. Orr, S. Blair, N. Gordon, I. Mckeeman, Synaptec, UK; A. Mohamed, ScottishPower Renewables, UK; A. Bonetti, Megger, Sweden
WEM11Operational Considerations for Substation SecurityA. Appukuttan, A. Darby, A. Varghese, GE Grid Solutions, UK
WEM12Demonstrating the Use of Edition 2 of the 61850 Models for DER in OSMOSE Projectit4power, Christoph Brunner, Switzerland

Wednesday Afternoon
WEA01Road to Full Digital Substation on the Hungarian GridF. Rákóczi, R. Szedlák, D. Ritzl, A. Woynárovich, MAVIR Hungarian Independent Transmission Operator Company, Hungary
WEA02Comprehensive Commissioning of an IEC 61850 Protection System all Starts from the SCL-fileC. Pritchard, B. Mößlang, T. Hensler, OMICRON electronics GmbH, Austria
WEA03Full-Scale Distribution Automation Rollout at Dutch DSOR. Troost, S. van der Heijden, Stedin Netbeheer B.V., The Netherlands
WEA04Network for DSS – An Analytical Approach from Project to TestingR. Weishaupt, H. Leon, L. Pio – GE Grid Solutions, Brazil; A. Takeda – ISA CTEEP, Brazil; A. Pires, L. Pintos – GE Grid Solutions, Brazil
WEA05Comparative Study on Traveling Wave Differential Protection and Current Differential Protection of Transmission LineX. Dong, A. Lei, L. Tang, B. Wang, S. Shi, B. Jin, Tsinghua University, China
WEA06Developing a Methodology for Upgrading 25 SAS’s in Existing, In-service, Brownfield Substations in Ireland. Case Study in a 220 kV Substation in Dublin.A. Heffernan, D. Buckley, ESB, Ireland
WEA07Influence of Parallel Line on the Distance Protection MeasurementJ. Bermann, M. Procházka, Hitachi Energy s.r.o., Czech Republic
WEA08Experience using IEC 61850 Based Specification Tool for Protection, Automation and Control System (PACS)R. Løken, Statnett SF, Norway
WEA09Experiences and Challenges on Implementation of 61850 Process Bus-Based SubstationsD. Patynowski, J. Cardenas, J. Rodriguez, C. Aguilar, GE Grid Automation, Spain; A. Darby, GE Grid Automation, UK
WEA10Performance and scalability of Virtualized System for Centralized protection at the substationD. Samara-Rubio, Intel Corporation, USA; V. Ravindran, R. Ariya, Kalkitech India
WEA11On-line and Adaptive Load Blinding Protection Scheme to Resolve Protection Limits in Networks with Highly Integrated DERsC. Scoble, R. Dantas, B. Yazadzhiyan, UK Power Networks, UK; S. Hann, J. Meyer, J. Jaeger, Friedrich-Alexander University, Germany; R. Ganjavi, Siemens AG, Germany; H. Kasap, Siemens AG, Turkey
WEA12Accelerated Transmission Line Protection for Systems with High Penetration of Inverter Based ResourcesA. Apostolov, PAC World, USA

Thursday Morning

THM01EDGE Device and Analytics for Secondary Power Distribution SubstationJ. Mavromatakis, N.-A. Livanos, V. Alifragis, S. Hammal, EMTech SPACE P.C., Greece
THM02Impact of Renewable Generation Resources on the Distance Protection and SolutionsV. Chakrapani, GE Grid Solutions, UK; I. Voloh, GE Grid Solutions, Canada; J. Jesus, GE Grid Solutions, UK
THM03Double-Ended Traveling-Wave Fault Locating Without Relay-to-Relay CommunicationsD. López Cortón, J. Vaquero Melado, Red Eléctrica de España, Spain; J.esús Cruz, R. Kirby, Y. Zafer Korkmaz, G. Patti, G. Smelich, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc., USA
THM05Optimization of Over Voltage Protection Setting Grading for Transmission lines in Southern Regional Grid in IndiaMVL Rajendra, Arthi Sahaya Rones V,Muthu Kumar Thomas, Sampige Kumar, Suresh V, POSOCO, India
THM06Reviewing the new IEEE C37.250 Guide for Engineering, Implementation, and Management of System Integrity Protection SchemesIEEE PSRC Members: Gene Henneberg, Yi Hu, Robin Byun, Fernando Calero, Peiman Dadkhah, Alfredo De La Quintana, Ramakrishna Gokaraju, Erin Jessup, Vahid Madani, Mehrdad Majidi, Dean Miller, Wladimir Quishpe

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