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The community of electric power system’s Protection, Automation and Control (PAC) specialists is comprised of small groups, spread around the world. They can be found in an industrial facility, utility, consulting company, university or other various establishments. Typically, we have a chance to meet one another and communicate during conferences, working groups or committee meetings while attending one of the industry’s national or international events. This is not enough.

The PAC field is very specialized and going through significant changes — deregulation, downsizing, loss of expertise and changes in technology. The publishing of IEC 61850 – the standard for substation communications – is further revolutionizing our domain. We work in an ever-changing environment and it is clear that there is a need for a global forum, especially now with the global push for Smart Grids where protection, automation and control play a significant role.

PAC World is this forum. One that allows specialists from this field to exchange ideas and experiences, discover new technologies or advanced applications of the existing technology, learn about national or international conferences, gain access to reports from IEC, CIGRE and IEEE working groups or discuss concepts and philosophies used around the world.

The objective is to reach every single PAC specialist around the world and have them become active members of this global community.  Selected articles, advanced application or historical materials, interviews, book reviews are published on a quarterly basis and distributed worldwide.

The magazine in both its printed and web formats is a living organism that will dynamically change based on your feedback. We listen to our readers, advertisers, and sponsors, because this is the only way that this will be a success. With your participation, we will become the best source for all the news of the electric power protection, automation and control industry. 

By organizing conferences covering different aspects of electric power systems protection, automation and control, PAC World is further expanding the communications between members of our community that will help them in the implementation of the Smart Grid concept in the most efficient way possible.

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Dr. Alexander Apostolov, Editor-in-Chief