Initial List of accepted abstracts

(listed in no particular order)

Paper#Abstract Title *
PW01Digital transformation challenges in Developing countries
PW02LPIT-designed protection IED testing
PW03Standardised approach to merged Process and Station Bus network and configuration.
PW04Intrusion Detection Systems – Cyber security only tool or Engineering resource?
PW05Adaptive threshold for dissolved gas concentration gradients for grid of future
PW06Remote testing automation in a digital substation
PW07Dynamic functional tests of an out-of-step protection for synchronous generators
PW08Power Plant Controller (PPC) – Application and challenges in cybersecurity for Italian MV-connected users
PW09The application of frequency supervised ROCOF for loss of mains protection
PW10Digital Twin-based Grid Monitoring System for rural Distribution System Operators
PW11Test Bed Design to Validate an R-GOOSE based Virtualised Loss of Mains Protection Scheme
PW12DSO’s PAC Roadmap 2023
PW13Multi IEDs with GOOSE Message Coordination as High Voltage Busbar Protection System
PW14Case Study: Implementing a Zero-Touch Deployment Methodology Using SDN to Improve the Security, Reliability, and Engineering of Substation Automation Systems in Slovenia
PW15Implementation and Optimization of MV Bay Monitoring with One Box Solutions
PW16Wide Area Monitoring, Protection and Control System (WAMPACS) – A Case of the Zambian Power Grid
PW17Towards a Multi-Vendor CSPC System: A Study on the SEAPATH Project and an automation deployment use case
PW18Qualitrol TWS fault locator on the Hungarian Grid
PW19Use of profiles and templates to achieve interoperability in Protection Automation and Control Systems
PW20Anomaly Intrusion Detection System for SCADA Based Substation Network.
PW21Vulnerability Management in the Power Grid – Challenges and Solutions
PW22T&D System Performance and Issues in Extremely Cold Weather
PW23Success deployment of 6 digital substations in Vietnam 2020-21 – Return of experience
PW24The Future of the electric power grid – PAC challenges of today and tomorrow
PW25Power System Measurements – An Overview of Techniques & Applications
PW27Comprehensive Assessment of Small Batch Advance Metering Infrastructure Utilization on Java Region to Support Indonesian Smart Grid Systems
PW28Overlay Combination Method for Optimizing Data Concentrator Unit Location in Large Scale Advance Meter Infrastructure Rollout
PW29A novel approach for fully automated testing of interlockings
PW30Steering the industry towards the implementation of a flexible, effi-cient and standardized IEC61850 engineering process
PW31Deployment Considerations for Virtualized Protection and Control Applications
PW32Dependability of Transient-Based Line Protection Elements and Schemes
PW33DSAS application improvements leveraged by optimized synchrophasors deployment
PW34Keeping Power and Traffic Flowing: A Look at Modernizing the Electric System of a Bridge
PW35Benefits of centralized and virtualized substation automation with regards to its testing
PW36The teleprotection service on new communication channels
PW37Conformity Assessment of Common Information Model data exchange
PW38Integration of Time-Critical IEC 61850 Communications in a Centralized Protection and Control Solution for Substation Automation Systems
PW39First experiences Security Testing IEC 61850 MMS communication
PW40Security testing of IEC 68150 applying IEC 62351 – market experiences certificates & encryption
PW41Performance analysis on securing Routable GOOSE
PW42Simultaneous Placement of Capacitor Banks and Dispersed Cogeneration system in Distribution System Networks
PW43Implementation of a fault location method for inverter-based resources using IEC61850-9-2 process bus
PW44Selective Auto-Reclosing of Mixed Circuits using Multi-Zone Differential Protection and Distributed Sensing
PW45Solving Complex Feeder Protection Challenges and Reducing Wildfire Risks with Remote Measurements
PW46Challenges in the implementation of line differential protection in the Right-Side Substation of the ITAIPU Hydroelectric Power Plant using a hybrid solution.
PW47IEC-61850-based Dynamic Zone Selection Method for Substation Busbar Protection
PW48Honoring the Standards – A Digital Substation for Dummies Design Journey
PW49Automating commissioning tests, firmware updates and inventory checks using a Device Management System
PW50Consideration of Software Defined Network (SDN) deployment in Transmission substations
PW51Challenges faced in the development of digital substations
PW52Need for grid-forming units in the distribution grid and their impact on the protection, automation and control
PW53Artificial intelligence as a tool for overcoming challenges in the Electrical Power System
PW54Challenges for SAMU Calibration Compliant with IEC 61869-13
PW55Rapid Renewable Energy Development Scenarios in Kalimantan Power System to Support Energy Transition in Indonesia
PW56Enhancing Timekeeping in the Power Industry through Multi-Constellation GNSS Systems
PW57Time Synchronization in the Power Industry: Exploring Signal and Protocol Considerations
PW58Assessment of Low Frequency Demand Disconnection Impact on Network Operability
PW59Influence of Inverter Based Generators and STATCOM with Grid Forming on Transmission Line Relay Protection System
PW60Power theft detection and health index monitoring using EDGE device installed on secondary power distribution substation
PW61Testing in the New Digital Protection Era
PW62Protection and Control Challenges associated with the Transformation of 3Φ Double-Circuit Lines into 6Φ High-Capacity Transmission Feeders
PW63Pilot Testing of an AI Algorithm to Identify Fault Category and Fault Cause from DFR Records
PW65Application of Line Differential Protection in MV Distribution Lines
PW66High Impedance Fault Detection in MV Feeders
PW67Key Findings and Recommendations from NERC Event Analysis of Widespread Inverter-Based Resource Disturbances in North America
PW68Reliable islanding detection in low-voltage grids with grid-forming inverters in combined operation with existing DER
PW69Commissioning, Initial Operating Experience and future Development of a WAMPAC Scheme in Paraguay’s ANDE Power System
PW70Transformer Differential Current Protection Scheme based on IEC61850 Standard
PW71MLOps practice: Overcoming the energy efficiency gap, empirical support through ecoKI platform in the case of SMEs
PW73A Novel Algorithm to Mitigate Protection Challenges in a Distribution System Integrated with Inverter Based Distributed Energy Resources
PW74Reconfigurable Bus Protection and Transfer Scheme applying Dynamically Assigned Zones, Check Zones, and Supervision Logic
PW75Application of Thermal Relaying concepts for Power systems
PW76First steps with OpenSCD – an OpenSource system-configurator
PW77Centralised Substation Protection and Control in Norway
PW78The application of frequency supervised ROCOF for loss of mains protection
PW79A Heuristic Approach for Optimal Placement of Shunt Reactors in Transmission System of Southern Regional Grid of India
PW80Distribution Management System: Moving Towards 61850 Implementations
PW81Advanced usage of process information for power utilities asset performance management
PW82Operational experience of Adaptive Auto-reclose in 400kV Transmission lines in Southern regional Grid in India
PW83Cyberattack Risk Analysis for IEC 61850 Digital Substation using Markov Decision Process Model
PW84Adding Synchrophasor analysis to C-RAS
PW85Improving transmission line protection for systems with high IBR penetration

* Paper titles may change by final submission – And final list of papers may be adjusted for changes in author schedules.