Initial List of accepted abstracts

(listed in no particular order)

Paper #Abstract Title*
PW01Performance and scalability of virtualized system for centralized protection at the substation
PW02Micro Grid Generation and Protection for African communities
PW03Looking ahead: Responding to 2050 carbon neutrality
PW04Advanced Phase Selection for Severe Line Protection Requirements
PW05Impact of Renewable Energy Sources on the Protection of MV Distribution Networks
PW06Requirements for Frequency Measurement and the impact on protection testing in different applications
PW07IEC 61850 System Specification based on TR 61950 6-100: A Case Study
PW08Transmission Line Protection, Automation and Control Specification for Digital Substations
PW09Investigation on Line Protection Performance Considering Two-Terminal Connected Inverter-Based Resources
PW10Virtual Testing of Protection Systems using Digital Twin Technology
PW11Benefits of automatic utility integration testing
PW12Securing the IEC 60870-5-104/101 protocols, experience on testing IEC 62351
PW13Conformity Assessment of Common Information Model data exchange
PW14Road to Full Digital Substation on the Hungarian Grid
PW16A Load Shedding Relay Model for Real-Time Simulations
PW17LEA-based Hardware in the Loop Validation for DER Integration Impact on Distribution Protection
PW18Global Experience in application of Traveling Wave Fault Detection
PW19The Digital Transformation as tool for overcoming challenges in the Electrical Power System
PW20Network for DSS an analytical approach from project to testing
PW21Modeling and challenges of Power Quality in the context of the Full Digital Substations
PW22Differential Protection of Multi-Ended Transmission Circuits using Passive, Time-Synchronised Distributed Sensors
PW23Performance and Applications of Synchronised Waveform Data Compression
PW24On-line and Adaptive Load Blinding Protection Scheme to Resolve Protection Limits in Networks with Highly Integrated DERs
PW25Variation of responses to IEC 61850-9-3 time synchronisation signals within a process bus digital substation
PW26Use of Data Quality and Other Metadata for Robust Decision Making in SIPS and WAMPAC Schemes
PW27Substation automation – Control authority aspects of Breakers and Disconnector switches
PW29Experiences and challenges on implementation of 61850 process bus-based substations
PW30Operational Considerations for Substation Cybersecurity
PW31Developing a methodology for upgrading 25 SAS’s in existing, in-service, brownfield substations in Ireland. Case study in a 220 kV substation in Dublin.
PW32Comprehensive commissioning of an IEC 61850 protection system all starts from the SCL-file
PW33Hidden Failure and Cyber Attack Detection via Centralized Substation protection
PW34Adaptive Transmission Line Autoreclosing and the Effects on System Stability
PW35Remote Relay Access Management
PW36Relay Setting Audit in the Auxiliary Electric Network of a Large-Scale Thermal Power Plant
PW37Modeling test software of smart meter based on Omicron CMC standard source
PW38A framework for verification of standardised dynamic models’ implementation
PW39Field Testing of Distributed Bus Zone Protection Schemes using a System Based Testing Approach
PW40Impact of Renewable Generation Resources on the Distance Protection and Solutions
PW41Experience from a pilot project based on IEC 61850 process bus in Statnett and a Norwegian approach for the deployment of Digital Substation.
PW42Optimization of Over Voltage Protection Setting Grading for Transmission lines in Southern Regional Grid in India
PW43Double-Ended Traveling-Wave Fault Locating Without Relay-to-Relay Communications
PW44Ensuring the Stability of the Belgian Grid With a Special Protection System
PW45Unified Grid Control Platform
PW46SS Lorena Full Digital Substation: First Full Digital Substation 500/230 KV in Brazil – How to Design, What is the Best Architecture and How to Test
PW47Test and Integration approach for Rte’s R#SPACE Protection Automation and Control System
PW48Application of WAMPAC System in Paraguay’s ANDE Power System
PW49Standard IEC 61850 based realtime DER interface for The Netherlands
PW50Full-Scale Distribution Automation rollout at Dutch DSO
PW51A roadmap towards situational awareness for power plant modernization
PW52Sensitivity improvement of ground fault protections for MV networks with low ground fault current
PW53Comparative study of traveling wave differential protection and current differential protection for power lines
PW54Challenges of wide-area synchronous Merging Units system operation in a network with a mixture of diverse data
PW55EDGE device and analytics for Secondary Power Distribution Substation
PW56Protection System solutions for Offshore Wind Farms with Black Start Capability
PW58Hardware in the Loop Testing of a Photovoltaic Power Plant Controller and Operation according to the latest Network Code Requirements for Generators
PW59Protection of electrical systems that fulfil grid standards with embedded renewable generation
PW60Experience using IEC 61850 based specification tool for Protection, Automation and Control System (PACS )
PW61Cyber security in digital substations
PW62Capability Curve Based Generator Protection minimizes Generator Stress and Maintains Power system stability
PW63Protection Validation Testing Using a Real-Time Digital Simulator: Stator Winding Protection
PW64Identity Management Schemes at Risk – PACS Authentication Abuse

* Paper titles may change by final submission – And final list of papers may be adjusted for changes in author schedules.