Initial List of accepted abstracts

(listed in no particular order)

PaperAbstract Title *
PW01Impacts of high impedance faults in Traveling Wave Fault Location
PW02A study of “Ethernet based protection relay”
PW03Experiences on the Kalasatama Digital Substation
PW04Power system education challenges for professionals and administrators
PW05The Future of the electric power grid – PAC challenges of today and tomorrow
PW06Security Criterion for Distance Zone 1 Applications in High SIR Systems With CCVTs
PW07Two-terminal fault location algorithm on transmission lines based on synchronised measurements without utilizing line parameters
PW08The Impact of Voltage-Led Demand Control on the Reduction of Load Forecast Error
PW09Optimization of Electric Substations According to the IEC 61850 Standard through a Multivendor Automated Configuration Generation Tool
PW10Interoperability levels for interfacing third party IED with R#SPACE
PW11Intermittent Earth fault protection challenges in testing
PW12A Cost Benefit Analysis for Virtualized Protection and Control (VPAC) Systems
PW13Edge Controlled Dynamic System Rating
PW14Optimal Capacitor Placement Study Considering Topology Changes in the Distribution System
PW15Automatic generation, execution and assessment of interlocking tests
PW16Process Bus System Architectures for High Reliability and Availability
PW17GOOSE applications in industrial power systems – case studies
PW18Machine Learning for distribution grid topology identification and state estimation
PW19A wide area protection coordination assessment for the Albanian transmission system
PW20Advancing System Efficiency: CHP’s Role in Power Electrical Network Standardization
PW21Protection of Distribution Grids in the Presence of Inverter-based Resources – A Review
PW22Permanent monitoring of automation, control and communication systems in substations
PW23Empowering IEC 61850 Engineering with LF Energy CoMPAS and OpenSCD: A Paradigm Shift Towards Flexibility and Collaboration
PW24Provisioning for Testing of Digital Substations and IEC61850 Networks during Station SCL Engineering
PW25Redundancy on Teleprotection over Ethernet
PW26A comprehensive scheme of open-source tools and low-cost PMUs for the deployment of synchrophasor applications
PW27Operational Analysis of a Major Blackout of Generating station due to Breaker Flashover in Southern Region of India and Key Improvements for Resilience
PW28Implementation of a cyber-secure Privileged Access Management system for the Remote Access Management of OT Intelligent Devices
PW29Implementation of real-time, pmu-based, long-term voltage stability monitoring
PW30The influence of Traveling Wave protection systems at Power System’s transient stability
PW31Using synchrophasors to analyze Copel’s system performance at the Brazilian Interconnected Power System 23 GW blackout event
PW32System Approach for Generator Over and Under Excitation in Islanding Systems
PW33Electric Heat Pump’s Effect of the Grid
PW34Oncor’ Continued Evolution of Integrated Systems and Analytics for Distribution Operations
PW35Considerations to be made while evaluating a Virtual Protection Relay
PW36Current trends in elevator systems protection including fault tolerance and condition monitoring techniques implemented in emerging synchronous motor drives
PW37Resilient Time synchronization for PAC
PW38Adaptive overcurrent protection of Medium Voltage feeders interfaced to Distributed Energy Resources
PW39Comparative Analysis of Hardwired Trip Signals and IEC 61850 GOOSE Trip Signals: Reliability, Efficiency, and Practical Implementation
PW40On the Use of Superconducting Fault Current Limiters to Preserve Selectivity in Active Distribution Systems
PW41Development of Digital Twin for Protection Systems in IEC-61850-based Digital Substations
PW42Effect of delta windings on transformer differential protection
PW43Application of Low Power Instrument Transformers according to IEC 61869
PW45Assessment of Wind and Solar Plant Responses to Unbalance Faults using PMU Data and Model Validation
PW46Implementing IP/MPLS network-based synchronization for line differential protection and control
PW47Application of Distance Protection to MV Distribution Lines
PW48Virtual Protection Relay: Myth or Reality on this generation?
PW49Comparative Analysis of Broken Conductor Methods at sub-transmission lines
PW50Line Differential Protection for Long-Distance Remote Assets using Passive Optical Sensing
PW51Comparison of AC and DC chopper performance for a hybrid HVDC/HVAC link
PW52Use of Most Advanced Controlled Switching Techniques to Cope with a Challenging Power Transformer Energization Case: The Example of Slovenia’s Krško Nuclear Power Plant
PW53Enhancing performance of out of step protection relays using synchrophasor measurements
PW54ML/AI solutions for protection and control (PAC) applications and expected benefits
PW55Real Time Health Monitoring of Protection and Control Systems for Active Distribution Systems
PW56Experience of the process bus implementation according to the IEC 61850 protocol in transmission substations
PW57Considerations for the Development and Adoption of Virtual Protection Systems
PW58New protection to prevent bushfires to be started from electrical infrastructor
PW59Case Study – Power Quality Monitoring at an Industrial Tech Park
PW60Testing Virtual IEDs/Digital Twins within Virtual Platforms: A Paradigm Shift in Substation Automation
PW61IEC 61850-80-5 Mapping Modbus Devices into an IEC 61850 Substation
PW62Protection scheme design and relay coordination study for integrating a hybrid power plant on a non-interconnected island of Greece
PW63Dynamic security analysis for integrating a Hybrid station consisting of RES and BESS units on a non-interconnected island of Greece.
PW64Testing of centralized protection in digital substations using a real-time simulator under the auspices of the IEC61850 standard
PW65Advanced Analytics and Asset Monitoring System in Power Utilities
PW66Towards a Multi-Vendor CSPC System: A Study on the SEAPATH Project and an automation deployment use case
PW67Something about IEC 61850 Engineering (this is a placeholder)
PW68Enhancing Grid Reliability through AI-Powered Knowledge Sharing
PW69Exposing Hidden Flaws in the Power Grid: Lessons learned from IDS Deployments in Over 100 Energy Facilities
PW70Digital Substation PAC Network Monitoring System
PW71Template-based PAC testing powered by IEC61850 Top Down Engineering
PW72Towards GGIO-less Substation Design: Challenges and Insights
PW73A Wide-Area and Wideband Synchronized Measurement System for Improved Grid Resiliency
PW74How virtual replica of protection relays increase the reliability of protection systems
PW75Solving Optimal Power Flow on a Data-Budget
PW78Traveling Waves Differenctial Protection for Double Weak Feed HVAC Transmission Lines
PW79Human aspects in Protection, Automation and Control

* Paper titles may change by final submission – And final list of papers may be adjusted for changes in author schedules.