What attendees of our past conferences are saying…


This was really impressive. The presentations were really great, as usual. I was wondering how you would capture the
networking aspects of a conference. While not as good as in-person, it was top-notch.

PAC World Americas Conference Virtual Attendee

Impressive All Around

The format of the event is great and the attention to detail is evident. Impressive all around.

PAC World Americas Conference Virtual Attendee

Get a View of the Future!

PAC World Americas is the place where you can meet the top experts in the field, exchange experience and ideas and get a view in the future!

PAC World Americas Conference Attendee
Hydro One, Canada

Very Valuable

Given the circumstances of not being able to meet in person, I found this very well organized and easy to follow/navigate. The sessions were timely, it was easy to ask questions, and I found it very valuable to be able to reach out to each of the vendors via chat.

PAC World Americas Conference Virtual Attendee

Whole Spectre of IEC61850

The event covered the whole spectre of IEC61850 Engineering. It provided interesting cases and discussions with specialists from the industry. It is a must event for the industry specialist.

PAC World Conference Attendee
Decon International GmbH, Germany

Cutting-Edge PAC

A unique opportunity to see cutting-edge PAC developments and applications and meet like-minded professionals.


PAC World Conference Attendee

Leading Edge of Issues

I describe it as a conference focused on the leading edge of issues facing our industry. It is very technical and you get to speak directly with the industry experts who are shaping the future of the power system.

PAC World Americas Conference Attendee
Power Engineering, USA

Highly Recommended

As my first attendance to a PAC World conference, I can say that it is highly recommended! The knowledge gained from the technical presentations and discussions with experts in the field has truly helped develop my understanding of digital substations and other related topics. It has also helped me keep up to date with the latest news, developments, and academic studies in the Protection and Control industry.

PAC World Conference Attendee
Mitsubishi Electric Europe BV, United Kingdom

Innovative and Informative

PAC World is the most innovative and informative protection, automation and control conference in the world.

PAC World Americas Conference Attendee