Getting around Prague

The best way to get around Prague is by foot, or using the city’s extensive public transportation network. If your hotel is centrally located, say in or near old town, it is easy to explore Prague’s key attractions, and feast your eyes on the city’s undeniable beauty, by simply walking around. If a certain point of interest is further away, or you feel you have worn yourself out for the day fear not, Prague has an extensive transit system which includes subway, bus and tram. Of course for quicker and more personalized transportation service there are plenty of taxis, or you may prefer ride sharing such as Uber. Note that taxis in Prague are notorious for ripping people off, so ride sharing apps are a better way to go, or you can order your taxi in advance to secure a price, as opposed to hailing a cab off the street.

Keep in mind that in many parts of city center vehicular traffic is prohibited, therefore the only option for getting around is by foot. You may purchase tickets or day passes from machines at metro stations and some tram stops, which are valid for all modes of transportation including busses. Bear in mind that busses are mostly used to connect further regions, and are not often convenient for tourist purposes of exploring central Prague.

How to Get to City Center from the Airport:

The cheapest option to get to Prague city center is by using regular public transport  which is very cost-effective. The bus station is right in front of Terminal 2 (Exit D). A ticket valid for 90 minutes costs €1.25 (32 CZK) and you can use it for the bus, tram or subway. Just take the bus 119 to Nadrazi Veleslavin where you must transfer to subway line A (green) and you can continue to downtown (Mustek) or any other station. The bus goes every 6 minutes and operates from 4:23 AM to 23:42 PM (last bus) on all days including the weekend. .

There is also an Airport Express bus that directly connects Prague Airport with the main railway station. Public transportation tickets are not valid on the Airport Express bus so you’ll need to purchase one from the driver or order them in advance online. The bus station is at the parking lot right in front of Terminal 1. Tickets cost €2.50 (60 CZK) for adults or €1.20 (30 CZK) for children and you can buy them at the terminal or directly from the bus driver. The bus terminates at Prague Main Station (Praha Hlavni Nadrazi) where you can take a subway (line C), tram or go on foot. Please keep in mind the bus schedule – buses operate every 15 – 30 minutes starting at 5:30 AM to 9 PM. The ride takes around 50 minutes (depending on the traffic) and you can use it also on the way to the airport.

A good compromise between a cheap public transport and a private car may be a shuttle transfer(it’s actually an 8-passenger car, not a bus). It costs only €14.95 per person and will get you from the airport directly to your hotel or apartment.

You may also choose to take a taxi or use a ride sharing service for faster and more convenient transportation to your hotel.

Getting to the Conference Venue:

The conference venue, the Czech National Library of Technology, is located in Prague 6. City Center, where the main tourist attractions are located, and where many visitors to the city choose to stay, are located in Prague 1. If you decide to stay in this area you may reach the conference venue by metro or bus, or you may choose to stay closer to the conference venue.

Please consult with guest services at your hotel for the best way to reach the conference venue, or you may familiarize yourself with the area by consulting Google maps in order to get a grasp of the city and the best way to navigate it.